NEW NOVEL ! In the Shadow of My Eyelashes

"Sometimes in life, the shadows of your eyelashes are the last place left where you can seek refuge. Everyone does evil to you. Still, how beautiful the forest, the trees, the water, the birds, and the sky were. If you were to ask me, “What do you think is the most beautiful part of life?”, I’d answer, “All of it.” I’m hopeful about happiness. A doe being hunted wishes to escape from the hunter, to right its wounded body and run away til the very end. And it does so, no matter how deep or mortal its wounds. It gets up from the ground where it lies, shot. And when it realizes that it is going to die, you are amazed by the strength of its resistance, the resistance of an animal that sheds tears, in the face of death. In this life of mine, there’s no place left for me to live, not even in the shadow of my eyelashes. I thought these thoughts, and then I went and did that awful thing. I killed my mother.” Novel, 160 pages

Çöplük / The Garbage Dump

This novel, which evolves like a chess match, each move stirring the reader’s curiosity and interest, is filthy, fascinating, and unforgettable. Yet it manages to save its best move for last, when, in a shocking finale...

Sarmaşik / Ivy

In this novel, Şebnem İşigüzel creates a terrible, enormous universe. She takes you to this universe and abandons you there, leaving you all alone with the feelings to which you fall prey as you make your way through the novel.

Resmigeçit / Parade

Resmigeçit is a political novel about a country’s recent history full of shame and sorrow. It is a novel to be read while the cauldron of history continues to bubble in this quite familiar country.

Hanene Ay Doğacak / The Future Looks Bright

At first it was thought that this book had been written under a pseudonym. Speculation to this effect even appeared in one newspaper.

Eski Dostum Kertenkele / My Old Buddy Lizard

Eski Dostum Kertenkele is the novel of a struggle for survival, of a soul divided. It is the story of two poor, forlorn, sixteen year-old youths who are convinced that the only way out of their miserable lives is robbery.

Kaderimin Efendisi / The Master Of My Fate

This time around, Şebnem İşigüzel is trying to write about small things. Things that, though they seem to be small, are actually way bigger than us, so big that they can ruin our lives…

Neşeli Kadinlar Arasinda / Amongst Joyful Women

Şebnem İşigüzel gave birth to her daughter in 1998 and, for some time afterwards, found herself unable to compose much of anything apart from shopping lists.

Öykümü Kim Anlatacak? / Who Will Tell My Story?

In this book, Şebnem İşigüzel has invented this epigraph, supposedly the words of her grandfather.